LAEDC Supports Success of this Industry

As part of our non-profit mission, the LAEDC assists growth of this industry to improve employment opportunities.  LAEDC does this via in-depth economic research and reports, public policy advocacy, on-the-ground business assistance, real estate solutions, and export assistance.  In addition, the LAEDC established the SoCal Aerospace Council which convenes stakeholders around current action items for the benefit of our regional economy and those businesses and jobs in aerospace and defense.

We have also reconfigured our Business Assistance Team around this key industry cluster and have dedicated two District Managers to further support the success of our region’s Aerospace & Defense industry. If you are interested in relocating to the region, have questions/issues, etc. please contact Barbara Levine at (310) 466-5197 or Daina Moore at (213) 399-5933 for assistance.

SoCal Aerospace Council

Click here to visit LAEDC’s SoCal Aerospace Council (formerly the Jobs Defense Council).  The council unites elected officials, prime contractors, suppliers, labor, and other key members of the aerospace ecosystem to voice opportunities and challenges, and foster growth and success of the industry in our region.   Join the Council and engage with its members and LAEDC to add your voice, and make great connections in the process.  Also, read the action plan for the Council and see what legislative issues the Council is addressing in Sacramento. Email Aerospace & Defense Industry Cluster Development to join SoCal Aerospace Council.

LAEDC is also the designated provider of free “Red Carpet” services to aerospace businesses, as part of AMP SoCal (Advanced Manufacturing Partnership).  LAEDC was one of the partners that obtained this federal designation for the region, which gives SoCal aerospace businesses  priority access to million of dollars of federal grants and contracts.  Read more about that below.  In addition LAEDC assisted the effort to make LA County part of the Innovation Hub for Defense, Energy, and Aerospace.


Access Federal Grants via AMP SoCal (Advanced Manufacturing Partnership)

The Advanced Manufacturing Partnership for Southern California (AMP SoCal) collaborates with organizations in both public and private sectors, across government, academia and industry, to strengthen the region’s aerospace and defense manufacturing economy. Led by the USC Center for Economic Development, in USC Price School, with LAEDC as an integral partner, AMP SoCal is focused on the southernmost ten counties in California. This facilitates federally designated Investing in Manufacturing Community Partnership (IMCP) region. AMP SoCal’s shared goal is to provide aerospace and defense manufacturers and their supply chain with the tools, talent, and capacity to master the future.

LAEDC is the lead for AMP SoCal’s “Red Carpet” business consulting services to help foster growth of our regional aerospace and defense businesses and help businesses overcome challenges.  LAEDC regional managers meet confidentially with businesses, at no cost, to develop customized business plans to reduce costs, increase revenues, and address other challenges like workforce training.  The main point of contact is Aerospace & Defense Industry Cluster Development at, or 213-236-4852.  Learn more about these services HERE.

Business Assistance Services

LAEDC’s Business Assistance Program has helped hundreds of aerospace firms overcome challenges at their sites, including expediting permits, solving cost containment issues, accessing employee training programs, solving site location challenges, and developing strategies to avoid layoffs and improve overall operations.  Our consultants routinely bring together the right people around the table to overcome challenges, including city and county officials, utilities, workforce development organizations, insurance cost experts, and more.  Contact our Business Assistance Team at the LAEDC for more information on what we can do to help your business thrive in LA County.  These confidential consultations are provided at no cost, as part of our public-benefit mission!

CASE STUDY: LAEDC Helps Composites Horizons overcome challenges and expand  (Video HERE)

Public Policy Advocacy

LAEDC helps policymakers craft legislation and supports legislation when possible, to create a stronger foundation for growth of this industry and its jobs.

  • SUPPORTED: Assembly Bill 777 (Allen) to provide a property tax exemption for equipment used in flight travel. (2014)
  • SUPPORTED: Revisions to Board of Equalization Rule 133 to reclassify equipment used in space travel as “business inventory,” which is not taxed in California, as opposed to property, which is taxed. (2014)
  • ISSUED ADMINISTRATIVE LAW RECOMMENDATIONS: Rules to implement the California Competes Tax Credit. (2013-14)
  • SUPPORTED: Assembly Bill 927 (Maratsuchi) to create a hiring tax credit for aerospace parts, components and equipment designers, assemblers and renovators. (2013)
  • OPPOSED: Sequestration and the “across-the-board” funding cuts to the discretionary Defense budget. (2012 and 2013)
  • SUPPORTED: Full Department of Defense Funding for Northrop Grumman’s Defense Weather Satellite System. (2011)
  • SUPPORTED: United States Department of Defense funding for The Boeing Company’s C-17 program. (Multi-year advocacy effort)
  • SUPPORTED: Northrop Grumman’s funding request for the United States Air Force RQ‐4 Global Hawk program. (2010)
  • SUPPORTED: United States Department of Defense funding for Northrop Grumman’s F-35 Fighter Jet program. (2009)

Map of our Region's Aerospace Suppliers

AMP SoCal (described above) provides a regional map of aerospace suppliers, and related maps.  Click on the image to visit this map.

Click on map to access interactive mapping features (link takes you offsite)

Click on map to access interactive mapping features (link takes you offsite)

Marketing & Promotion of the Industry

LAEDC and our SoCal Aerospace Council promote our region’s strengths in aerospace through industry tradeshow presence, editorial outreach to media, collateral and informational brochures, trips to Sacramento to promote the importance of this industry with influencers in state policy, and other activities.  Download our promotional brochure for aerospace and defense.  You can also download our business advantage guide which outlines incentives.

Export Assistance

Los Angeles has the best exporting infrastructure and network of logistics resources in the USA, whether exporting internationally, or to neighboring states.  Develop your business’ exporting opportunities by leveraging key resources at LAEDC.  Our affiliate World Trade Center Los Angeles provides export assistance and organizes trade missions to open new markets.  Co-located at LAEDC’s offices is the U.S. Commercial Service, which also provides export assistance for aerospace.  Additionally, LAEDC’s Business Assistance Program offers strategic consulting at no charge and is often the best place to start your inquiry.

Workforce Development

Get engaged with LAEDC’s SoCal Aerospace Council to address your workforce needs, or contact our Business Assistance Program for assistance.

Brochures and Printed Business Resources

Read 2016 SoCal Aerospace Report here.

Read 2016 SoCal Aerospace Report here.

Download our business advantage guide here.

Read about business incentives here

Overview of LA County Aerospace here

Overview of LA County Aerospace here

Contact Us

Learn more and become involved with LAEDC’s work of building capacity in this key industry cluster of Southern California.

Contact Aerospace & Defense Industry Cluster Development HERE.


More About Aerospace in L.A.

Key Facts about LA County's Aerospace & Defense Industry

  • L.A. County is home to over 300 companies in the aerospace vehicles and defense industry cluster (2013) — more than any other county in the nation.
  • L.A. County has 56,239 people employed in the aerospace vehicles and defense industry cluster–making us a leader in the nation for aerospace and defense employment.  If we were to add federal talent in this sector, the total number of workers would be well over 70,000.
  • Aerospace is a key innovation industry in L.A. County, employing top engineering talent, spawning other technologies, and creating a tremendous amount of indirect employment.  National treasures include Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, conducting planetary and space science including robotic missions to Mars, and NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center in Palmdale, serving as NASA’s key center for atmospheric flight research and operations
  • All the big names in aerospace have offices in L.A. County, including Northrop Grumman, Boeing, Lockheed, Raytheon SpaceX, Aerojet Rocketdyne, Virgin Galactic, as well as leading service companies like Aerospace Corp.  The aerospace industry cluster provides the region with a foundation for the advancement of technology, intellectual property and scientific discovery.
  • Other aviation firms such as Torrance’s Robinson Helicopters, the world’s leading producer of civilian rotary aircraft, and AeroVironment of Monrovia, makers of small, unmanned aerial systems (UAVs) used in defense, commercial and scientific applications, are representative of the kind of innovation for which L.A. County’s aviation sector has become famous.
  • The Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC) at Los Angeles Air Force Base designs, develops and purchases more than $9 billion worth of space and missile systems anually and is credited with development and operation of GPS and the constellatiojn of GPS satellites that have become essential to many commercial and military technogies worldwide.
  • L.A. County is also a member of the federally designated manufacturing community for aerospace and defense–AMP SoCal.
  • Northrop Grumman was awarded the Air Force contract for the next generation stealth aricraft in 2016, which will increase economic activity and job opportunities in L.A. County for the foreseeable future.