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LAEDC is a public-benefit nonprofit that works with business, education and government to collectively advance opportunity and prosperity for all the residents of the greater Los Angeles region.  We do this by fostering growth of well-paying jobs, and by preparing our residents for those opportunities. 

Join us in our work fostering living-wage jobs in aerospace, advanced mobility, bioscience, digital media & entertainment and other key industries.  Help us work collectively to align workforce development with hiring in these industries, through our partnership in Center for a Competitive Workforce.  Read LAEDC’s research to inform your decisions.  Join in public policy advocacy that supports progress. 

We make decisions based on a triple bottom line: Economy, Equity, Environment.

Voices from our Region

LA Metro adopting an entirely zero-emission fleet demonstrates that it is possible for leaders to support the local economy and job creation while still prioritizing public health and clean air. It’s a win-win.

Stella Li, President of BYD Motors

Every job created, every local business that prospers is a vaccination against harmful economic, environmental, and social determinants of health — and provides nutrients that strengthen individual and community total health.

Jodie Lesh, Senior VP, Kaiser Permanente

...Among the world’s 30 leading cities, L.A. ranks ranking #4 in the demographics and livability indicator, #1 in city brand, #5 in senior well-being, #6 in relocation attractiveness, #7 in entertainment and attractions, and #9 in the “Youthful Cities” Index.

Mitra M. Best, PwC

"As exemplified by LAEDC and its leadership, it is crucial that we work together as a region to make positive steps towards implementing cleaner energy practices."

Rick Teebay, Program Manager, Office of Sustainability, County of Los Angeles

The leading employers in LA County are also LAEDC members

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