Los Angeles Workforce Development: Employment Development, educational partnerships, industry research & business assistance programs

LAEDC’s workforce development program exists to create economic mobility and equity, support the talent needs of business, and align education with evolving industry trends. Workforce development is integrated into LAEDC’s research, business assistance, industry council work — and the fabric of our mission. We work in both the strategic leadership capacity to support systems change and in a programmatic action level to drive progress.

The LAEDC vision is a reimagined Los Angeles regional economy – growing, equitable, sustainable, and resilient – that provides a healthy and high standard of living for all. To this end, our workforce development team has the privilege of leading LAEDC’s workforce development initiatives, which includes our Center for a Competitive Workforce partnership with our region’s 19 community colleges, that integrates LAEDC’s research, industry cluster work, business assistance, employment development, intelligence as the focus of our strategic, programmatic, public policy, and transactional activities to strengthen our region’s talent development ecosystem and meet our changing labor market demands.

LEADC’s Cornerstone of Workforce Development services:

  • Thought leadership – LAEDC facilitates and leads collaborative, demand-driven, future-forward and scalable systems change in our talent development systems.
  • Analysis of supply & demand for talent in the LA labor market guides our work – LAEDC and our Institute for Applied Economics continue to publish forward-looking reports that serve as a foundation for systems change in our talent development systems. Known for objectivity, transparency and consistent quality, LAEDC’s reports help guide decision makers in education, government, business and labor.
  • Industry councils – Our industry councils facilitate education partnerships with industry for course development and the identification of talent development trends. Industry councils also address key issues that can accelerate the growth of jobs and businesses in the regional industry. Hosted by LAEDC with key industry leaders and invited industry firms to enhance, institutionalize and scale industry participation with the community colleges and other workforce development systems.
  • Develop regional infrastructures with technology – The CCW Workforce and Education Partner Portal connects the 19 community colleges to industry work-based learning and job opportunities in real-time, on a Salesforce Community Platform.
  • Curricula feedback via Regional Program Advisories & Industry – Insights on talent, technology, and training inform existing or new curricula via our regional program advisories. LAEDC, through the CCW partnership, convenes regional employers to engage faculty, administrators and college staff to hear employers critique and make recommendations on the program of each of the colleges in attendance, which are compiled into high-quality Look Books. In the fast-moving economic changes during COVID, this exchange of ideas is incredibly necessary.

Why Partner with LAEDC’s workforce development?

Employers: Maximize reach across our region’s 21 community colleges, 5 California State Universities, 7 workforce development boards, 100 universities/colleges, non-profits, unions, and elected leaders.

Education, workforce & government: Lever LAEDC’s industry and economic research, industry cluster work, business assistance and intelligence to strengthen your institution’s ability to meet changing, current, and future labor market demands.

Government, philanthropy, stakeholders: Looking to invest in the intra-relational infrastructure to solidify regional industry and education partnerships (high road training partnerships) needed to create a strong and deep talent pipeline into living wage careers.

Industry Employer Direct Engagement

In 2020, over 45 industry partners engaged directly with over 140 faculty members across Los Angeles County Community Colleges on critical curriculum discussions through CCW Program Advisories.

Questions or Ready to Get Started? Contact LAEDC's Workforce Development Team

LAEDC’s workforce development team is here to help with educational & training resources, industry research, business assistance, and employment development.

Jermaine Hampton

Jermaine Hampton

Senior Director, Workforce Development and Special Projects


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Jermaine Hampton

Most recently, Jermaine served as the Program Manager of the D.C. Department of Employment Services where he advised the Deputy Director and Operations Manager on their federally and locally funded workforce initiatives while supervising and guiding over 30 workforce development specialists, case managers and administrative support staff. Prior to DC, Jermaine oversaw the Youth, Business and Adult programs at WorkSource DeKalb County Government in Georgia and was Director of Workforce Development at a forward-thinking non-profit, Frendship Place, in DC.

In 2015, the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals recognized Jermaine’s visionary leadership with their Leadership Award.

Jose Pelayo

Jose Pelayo

Program Manager, Workforce Development


Mariana Hernandez

Mariana Hernandez

Assistant Program Manager, Workforce Development