Who we are:

LAEDC was founded in 1981 as a public-benefit, private nonprofit to guide economic development and create more widely shared prosperity. LAEDC collaborates with all stakeholders in the Los Angeles County region — together we improve prosperity for our region’s people.

LAEDC is unique because we have an integrated set of programs to solve complex socioeconomic challenges.  We combine our economic research with industry programs, workforce development, business assistance, policy and more.  We champion an equitable, sustainable and resilient Los Angeles where more of our neighbors in LA County find good careers, where industries and employers succeed, where LA tackles global challenges and turns them into a jobs engine.

Because of our unique capabilities, we advance the LA Dream and deliver progress with policy proposals, programs, and small business saves.  Our objective guidance informs decision makers across the region with good data and policy ideas.  We bring together the different perspectives of business, labor, education and government, and convene leaders to collaboratively drive progress on economic issues that affect the future of LA’s people.

It only works because of LAEDC’s members.  Our members convene to help shape our priorities, programs and policy action, fund our research and our work of saving jobs and businesses, and give us the resources to do all the things we do that change outcomes for families in every neighborhood of LA County.

What is membership:

LAEDC’s annual membership provides cooperative action, real impact, and substantive direction through involvement with top business, education, government, and nonprofit leaders in LA County.

The regional economy is in the midst of a rapid and unprecedented transition and the nature of economic opportunity is changing and creating uncertainty about jobs of the future in the LA County region. LAEDC develops approaches and takes action to help our region and its residents navigate this change and positions our leading industry clusters to succeed and create more good jobs. In short, LAEDC’s purpose is to advance opportunity and prosperity for all.

Membership with the LAEDC directly supports our mission and allows you to partner with like-minded organizations and an expert team of economists to solve complex issues and promote job retention and creation in our regional economy.

Who is eligible:

LAEDC Membership is open to any business, educational institution, nonprofit organization, or local City looking to advance opportunity and prosperity for all in LA County. Our members include a diverse cross-section of banks, law-firms, corporations, aerospace, cybersecurity, community-based organizations, colleges, athletic teams and more. We represent LA County and the 88 cities and unincorporated areas our community.

Why join:

Join the consensus leadership that is driving the 21st century economy in LA County. Membership in the LAEDC places your organization at the head of the table alongside industry leaders, stakeholders, and elected officials.


  • Access to top state and local political leaders and stakeholder groups.
  • Global connectedness with potential business and government partners in LA’s top markets for international trade and investment.
  • Quantifiable credibility through empirically gathered economic and labor market research and analysis.
  • Expertise from LAEDC professionals, fellow members, partner organizations, and external networks.
  • Proven action with the ability to get results and meaningful outcome


  • Participation in our all-member Board of Governors Meetings.
  • Invitations to member-only events and meetings throughout the year.
  • Presenting or speaking opportunities at LAEDC meetings and events.
  • Networking opportunities with top-level executives and business leaders in the LA County region.
  • Access to the Institute for Applied Economics staff for research, reports, other publications.
  • Subscription and opportunities to be featured in the LAEDC Briefly Newsletter.
  • Sponsorship opportunities for events and meetings. Members receive first right of refusal.
  • Company and appointee recognition on the LAEDC digital and print brand assets, at public LAEDC events.
  • Public policy expertise, guidance and participation
  • Opportunities to showcase your company in LAEDC marketing communications channels.
  • Opportunities to host meetings and events at your office space to showcase your business.
  • Participation in industry growth councils to engage with thought leaders in key regional industries.
To become a member or sponsor LAEDC’s events and initiatives, contact Melissa Kham.