Providing the Ideal Climate for your Business to Thrive…

“77% of all site investments today are based on location quality, not cost. and the #1 factor is availability of talent.”

Los Angeles County is one of the most dynamic economies in the world, with a fast-growing and immense high-tech industry, world-leading creative economy, tremendous strength in aerospace and advanced transportation, the nation’s largest manufacturing base, the nation’s largest international trade industry, and a rapidly increasing amount of venture capital investment in startups.

With over a dozen major industries, the L.A. region is also known for innovation as creative collisions occur where industries overlap, driving new business concepts and entirely new sectors, making L.A. County the creative capital of the nation. All this success can be traced to our highly diverse, skilled workforce and visionaries who are reinventing everything from transit to translational medicine.  As venture capitalist Mark Suster said, “What I love about L.A. is it represents the best our country has to offer. L.A. is a leader amongst the most cohesive large cities I can think of in the world.” L.A. offers far more than a beautiful climate, hikeable mountains and sunny beaches.