Women’s History Month 2024

As we celebrate #WomenHistoryMonth, LAEDC honors the immense contributions of women to building a resilient and equitable economy. We recognize the pivotal role of women’s innovation, leadership, and advocacy in fostering economic inclusivity and social justice. ⁣

This month, we draw inspiration from their courage and determination, reaffirming our commitment to gender equality and sustainable development. By championing women’s rights and opportunities, we strive towards a future where economic resilience and equity are accessible to all. ⁣

Let’s continue to celebrate and support the invaluable impact of women on our society, this month and beyond.

Business Spotlights

Nathan Kimmel Company, LLC

“I have owned Nathan Kimmel Company, LLC for 28 years. From our humble beginnings in 1956, we have grown to the construction industry’s number one national and international provider of fireproofing pumps, injection systems, stucco & EIFS equipment, mixers, tarps, hose assemblies, nozzle assemblies, and technical support.

I am most proud of our manufacturing. Our tarps are made in our facility in Los Angeles from fabric manufactured in the USA and proudly carry the label ‘Made in America.’ It is a joy to be in this business and have made dear friends and associates through the years.” – Carol Schary, Owner

Food & Bounty

Food & Bounty is a proudly strong Latina, woman-owned, LGBTQIA+ business.

At the helm is chef and owner, Helen Cavallo. She has a passion for food and is a champion of social issues surrounding her Los Angeles community, which serve as the driving force of business operations at Food & Bounty.

Helen’s background as the daughter of Colombian and Italian immigrants has shaped her love of food and family. Her cooking style focuses on fresh, locally sourced ingredients and bold flavors.

Food & Bounty’s menus are based on everything that is seasonal and fresh, and they are passionate about sourcing only the highest quality ingredients. Be sure to visit one of Food & Bounty’s locations or consider them for catering or events.

Vanessa’s Cleaning Services

Vanessa’s Cleaning Services is a professional cleaning company specializing in top-quality, eco-friendly cleaning solutions for residential and office spaces. They deliver exceptional results, ensuring clean and inviting environments that leave a lasting positive impression on clients and employees. This small business prides itself in giving back to the community and they partner with nonprofits like Cleaning for a Reason, and provide free home cleaning to patients battling cancer.  

“LAEDC helped my small business by checking that I had all the permits and licenses in order. They helped me get certified with the County of Los Angeles and are also helping me secure loans to grow my business. Rafael Contreras and all the staff are very friendly and do an excellent job.”  – Vanessa Sanchez, Owner

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