To request a site search for your business, please contact the LAEDC Business Assistance Team at (888) 4-LAEDC-1 or email [email protected].

glendaleSite searches

As part of LAEDC’s business attraction and business retention services, our Business Assistance team will conduct a no-cost, no-obligation, and confidential site search anywhere in Los Angeles County.The LAEDC will conduct site searches on the following types of commercial property: Office, Industrial, Warehouse, Distribution, Retail, Land.

A great place to start is the website, hosted by County of Los Angeles, which utilizes a real estate listings feed, and a flexible set of filters to find locations by zoning, square feet, proximity to desired geographies, and numerous other criteria a business specifies.  Demographic and workforce data are available within a selectable radius of the listed sites, and nearby businesses are also displayed on the mapping interface, to show competitors and suppliers, for example.  Property listings are updated daily.

The portal also provides side-by-side comparisons of properties that best match search criteria.

LAEDC Business Assistance district managers are also available to help with confidential site searches, and are often aware of government owned parcels or incentives that may be of interest.

An additional alternative to engage our services is to fill out a Site Search form and email back to LAEDC’s Business Assistance team. A property site search report, matching the client’s requirements as best as possible, will be emailed back to client within 5 working days.

Please also visit our sister website at World Trade Center Los Angeles for an overview of each of the 88 cities in L.A. County, HERE.