Los Angeles County

Providing the Ideal Climate for your Business to Thrive…

“77% of all site investments today are based on location quality, not cost.

And the #1 factor is availability of talent.”

Business Incentives
Los Angeles County has a variety of incentive programs available to both small and large businesses. Incentives should not be the only reason why one should consider a location, but could be one of many factors that could help lead to a final location decision.

Access to Capital
Finding sources of capital may be your company’s biggest concern or challenge. Los Angeles County is home to a wealth of capital resources for small, medium, or large businesses. This comprehensive list of companies throughout Southern California can help you identify the firm best suited for your company’s needs.

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L.A. County is the Number One Place to….


As the world’s creative hub, L.A. County’s creative ecosystem employs more than 350,000 people and includes Entertainment (Movie and Television production), Fashion, Furniture & Decorative Arts, Visual & Performing Arts, Communication Arts, Architecture & Interior Design, Digital Media & Gaming, Printing & Publishing, and Toys.

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From car design with 22 auto design centers including the world’s leading brands, to apparel with 87,000 workers in L.A. County’s fashion sector, L.A. County is the world’s innovative design capital.


From salsa to satellites, furniture to fashion, and helicopters to hot tubs, over 365,000 people work in L.A. County’s manufacturing sector, spread across 12,500 establishments.

How does L.A. County compare to California and the USA, for return on investment?



L.A. County is simply the best place to conduct international trade, with Customs District trade values in excess of $400 billion; the two largest sea ports in the Western hemisphere handling over 40% of the inbound US containerized freight; a world hub airport (LAX) offering 910 weekly nonstop flights to 59 cities in 30 countries on 60 commercial air carriers; and over 163,600 workers supporting the international trade sector.

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The Ideal Climate for your Business to Thrive
A Few Things “Born” in L.A.


L.A. County is a leader in Education & Research…

  • America’s Leading Center for 4-Year Colleges and Universities
  • Three of the World’s Leading Research Universities: Caltech, UCLA, USC, plus 118 other Colleges and Universities
  • 1.3 million College Graduates

L.A. County and Your Quality of Life:

Los Angeles County’s legendary mild and beautiful weather allows a year-round outdoor lifestyle. Enjoy miles of family beaches, local mountains, music, sports, and unlimited entertainment and cultural choices.

Screen-Shot-2014-06-02-at-7.57.31-AM5 Reasons Why Los Angeles County is the Place for International Business

  1. A huge consumer market with 10 million people buying goods and services
  2. The No. 1 Customs District in the U.S. with more than $400 billion per year in two-way trade value
  3. The world’s leading trade and logistics infrastructure with the two largest sea ports in America (Los Angeles and Long Beach), the Alameda Corridor rail system and the U.S.’s third most active international cargo airport, LAX
  4. Networks of business executives from every country, who cultivate ties and understand the culture, so it is easy to do business here, and over 4500 foreign-owned establishments based here
  5. 100 consulates located in L.A. County

Some Big Names

Fortune Magazine is out with its annual issue listing the nation’s 500 largest corporations by revenue– 13 of which call L.A. County home.

Company Location List Rank 2015 Revenues ($ millions)

Walt Disney Co., Burbank, 57, $48,813

Amgen Inc., Thousand Oaks, 130, $21,662

Aecom, Downtown L.A., 156, $17,990

Health Net Inc., Woodland Hills, 172, $16,244

Molina Healthcare Inc., Long Beach, 201, $14,178

Farmers Insurance Exchange, Woodland Hills, 227, $12,625

Jacobs Engineering Group, Pasadena, 235, $12.115

Edison International, Rosemead, 246, $11,524

CBRE Group Inc., Downtown L.A., 259, $10,859

Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co., Downtown L.A., 303, $9,350

Live Nation Entertainment Inc., Beverly Hills, 366, $7,246

A-Mark Precious Metals Inc., Santa Monica, 426, $6,070

Avery Dennison Corp., Glendale, 435, $5,967

Mattel Inc., El Segundo, 450, $5,703