Los Angeles County

Providing the Ideal Climate for your Business to Thrive…

“77% of all site investments today are based on location quality, not cost.  And the #1 factor is availability of talent.”

Los Angeles County is one of the most dynamic economies in the world, with a fast-growing and immense high-tech industry, world leading creative economy, tremendous strength in aerospace and advanced transportation, the nation’s largest manufacturing base, the nation’s largest international trade industry, and a rapidly increasing amount of venture capital investment in startups.

With over a dozen major industries, the L.A. region is also known for innovation as creative collisions occur where industries overlap, driving new business concepts and entirely new sectors, making L.A. County the creative capital of the nation.  All this success can be traced to our highly diverse, skilled workforce and visionaries who are reinventing everything from transit to translational medicine.  As venture capitalist Mark Suster said, “What I love about L.A. is it represents the best our country has to offer.  L.A. is a leader amongst the most cohesive large cities I can think of in the world.”   L.A. offers far more than a beautiful climate, hikeable mountains and sunny beaches.

Business Incentives
LA County and its 88 cities have a variety of incentive programs available to both small and large businesses.  Utilize LAEDC’s 2016/2017 LA County Business Incentives Guide .

Access to Capital
Finding sources of capital may be your company’s biggest concern. Los Angeles County is home to a wealth of capital resources for small, medium, or large businesses, with Venture Capital presence in LA growing dramatically in the past decade.

Site Selection for Commercial and Industrial Businesses
Visit www.LocateLACounty.com, which provides real estate listings updated daily, and a flexible set of filters to find locations by zoning, square feet, proximity to desired geographies, and numerous other criteria a business specifies.  Demographic, workforce, and nearby businesses are shown within a radius of the listed sites.

As always, LAEDC’s Business Assistance team is a no-cost, confidential resource that assists with site selection, overcoming challenges, and building relationships with key leaders in public and private sector to help businesses succeed and create jobs.  We look forward to connecting with you.

Additional Resources
Find more economic development resources from the LA County government; LA County: Where Opportunity Meets Success.

L.A. County is the Number One Place to….


As the world’s creative hub, LA County’s creative economy includes Entertainment (Movie and Television production), Fashion, Furniture & Decorative Arts, Visual & Performing Arts, Communication Arts, Architecture & Interior Design, Digital Media & Gaming, Printing & Publishing, and Toys. Learn more about LA County’s Creative Economy on our industry page HERE.


From car design with 22 auto design centers including the world’s leading brands, to leading architecture firms, to design colleges like ArtCenter and Otis College, all the way to apparel in L.A. County’s fashion sector, L.A. County is the world’s innovative design capital.


From salsa to satellites, furniture to fashion, and helicopters to hot tubs, well over 300,000 people work in L.A. County’s manufacturing sector.

How does L.A. County compare to California and the USA, for return on investment?



L.A. County is simply the best place to conduct international trade, with the two largest sea ports in the Western hemisphere handling over 40% of the inbound US containerized freight; a world hub airport (LAX) , and massive logistics infrastructure, with freight rail lines and logistics and warehousing serving the entire western United States, as well as the 10 million residents of LA County.  Learn more HERE.

Read the Discover LA overview of City of Los Angeles (large file – takes a moment to load)


The Ideal Climate for your Business to Thrive
A Few Things “Born” in L.A.


L.A. County is a leader in Education & Research…

  • America’s Leading Center for 4-Year Colleges and Universities
  • Three of the World’s Leading Research Universities: Caltech, UCLA, USC, plus 118 other Colleges and Universities
  • 1.5 million College Graduates

L.A. County and Your Quality of Life:

Los Angeles County’s legendary mild and beautiful weather allows a year-round outdoor lifestyle. Enjoy miles of family beaches, local mountains, music, sports, and unlimited entertainment and cultural choices.

Screen-Shot-2014-06-02-at-7.57.31-AM5 Reasons Why Los Angeles County is the Place for International Business

  1. A huge consumer market with more than 10.2 million people buying goods and services
  2. The No. 1 Customs District in the U.S.  in two-way trade value
  3. The world’s leading trade and logistics infrastructure with the two largest sea ports in America (Los Angeles and Long Beach), the Alameda Corridor rail system and the U.S.’s third most active international cargo airport, LAX
  4. Networks of business executives from every country, who cultivate ties and understand the culture, so it is easy to do business here, and thousands foreign-owned establishments based here
  5. 100 consulates located in L.A. County