The SoCal Aerospace Council is wholly focused on supporting and building the most competitive aerospace community in the world, to grow our businesses and foster job creation. Our purview combines a cluster of industry sectors including aerospace, defense, space and adjacent/enabling technology.

Our industry cluster development efforts are consolidated around three main pillars:

Business Development:  Facilitate growth and competitive advantage by understanding global markets, developing local capabilities, and leveraging our vast supply chain.

Technology Innovation:  Leverage global technology advancement coupled with local technology innovation to grow ideas into new offerings that create technological superiority for our national defense and commercial applications.

Policy Input:  Ensure the voice of our expansive local industry is heard and incorporated into specific policy recommendations that support the future vitality of our region.

One key offering of the Council is California SmartMatch, which helps OEMs solve needs in supply chain and other areas.

We encourage the participation of industry executives to help the region work together. Make your voice heard.  Our participants include executives from prime contractors and suppliers, labor organizations, research institutions, government aerospace organizations, education and workforce development organizations — all the industry stakeholders who together define the rich aerospace ecosystem of our region.

A list of the Council’s accomplishments can be found here.


Join SoCal Aerospace Council

To join the SoCal Aerospace Council (does not require an LAEDC membership), please contact us, and you will be notified of events, public policy calls-to-action, and business opportunities.


  1. Promote the Preeminence of Our Region’s Aerospace Industry
  2. Facilitate Business Development
  3. Facilitate Technology Innovation and Commercialization
  4. Support Effective Public Policy at the local, state and national levels

Meeting Schedule

  • Due to COVID-19, the schedule is being reworked

Become an SCAC event sponsor!

Sponsorship Values

  • $5,000 to $1,500

For more information on the meeting schedule and sponsorship, please send a quick email to Elsa Flores, at [email protected]

Membership & Contact Info

Members are aerospace and defense companies and organizations in Southern California.  For additional information please contact Judy Kruger, LAEDC Director of Aerospace Industry Development at [email protected] or Celina Pacana at [email protected]

For media inquiries, please contact Lawren Markle at [email protected] or 213-236-4847

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