Electrify America California Investment Plan is Supported by LAEDC

As part of our mission to advance economic opportunity and prosperity for all–which we achieve in part through our leadership of key regional industry clusters such as Advanced Transportation–we have crafted a letter in support of Electrify America’s first 30-month zero emission vehicle (ZEV) Investment Plan. This plan, which stems from Volkswagen Group of America investing $2 billion over the next 10 years in ZEV infrastructure, will invest approximately $23-$25 million here in the L.A. region on electric vehicle (EV) charging. The LAEDC greatly appreciates the fact that Electrify America’s plan acknowledges the distinct electric charging needs of Los Angeles, while also recognizing the strategic importance, productive advantages and regional concentrations that Los Angeles has as the top market in the state for transportation electrification.

Read our letter of support to the California Air Resources Board here

Learn more about our work to power the Advanced Transportation Industry here.

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