L.A. County Contracting Connections

L.A. County Contracting Connections
The County has adopted a 25% small business contracting goal as part of the Contracting Connections program from the Department of Consumer and Business Affairs (DCBA).
This goal paves the way to close to a BILLION dollars worth of County procurement opportunities. This could be an untapped revenue stream for your business’s products or services. With the rising costs of doing business, increasing sales is a good way to offset additional or new expenses. Additional benefits are also available for companies who are certified as a Local Small Business or Disabled Veteran Business.
The Department of Consumer and Business Affairs (DCBA) has been enhanced to include the L.A. County Office of Small Business, which includes the Procurement Technical Assistance Center. Brian Stiger is the department’s director and he and his staff are ready to help. DCBA office phone number: (213) 974-1452. Small Business Services:
(323) 881-3964. Or by web at: Consumer and Business Affairs Contact
To do business with the County of Los Angeles, a firm must register in the County’s vendor registration system. Vendor Registration alerts the County as to the products/services you offer AND alerts you of upcoming events and bid opportunities in your field. After successfully registering, you will be issued a County Vendor ID number and PIN. Registration is done online at the County’s website: County’s vendor registration system
Visit eprocure.dgs.ca.gov to register your business for the State of California Bid Opportunities.
To view bids online and to learn about purchasing and contract opportunities, visit the L.A. County website: lacounty.gov/business/doing-business-with-the-county
“There’s never been a better time to sell your goods and services to Los Angeles County. Small businesses like yours are winning County contracts and the Department of Consumer and Business Affairs is here to help you certify, connect, and grow.”
Keven Chavez, Public Information Officer, DCBA
Businesses who qualify for the County’s Local Small Business or Disabled Veteran Business certifications are eligible for a 15% price preference when submitting County bids.
  • Local Small Business Enterprise – SBE
  • Community Business Enterprise Program – CBE
  • Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise – DVBE
  • Social Enterprise – SE


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