The Center for a Competitive Workforce (CCW) is a powerful partnership between LAEDC and the LA19 regional Community College System, leading industry-education partnerships to collaboratively strengthen our region’s talent development ecosystem.

Visit the CCW website to access the valuable resources for college faculty, employers, and other interested stakeholders.

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Connecting LA County industry and community colleges

CCW is a collaboration of the LAEDC and the Community Colleges in LA County, funded as a Strong Workforce Project of the California Community College Chancellor’s Office.  CCW helps businesses co-develop courses in the college system and at other workforce partners, to ensure businesses have a talent pipeline, a diverse student body can become part of a skilled workforce, and college programs are more relevant than ever.  CCW plans to include more of LA region’s talent development systems over time, for an increasingly complete and coordinated approach.

Visit the CCW research report website to learn more about the forecast for hiring in specific occupations, the wages and skills for those occupations, and the related talent coming through the workforce development systems such as the community colleges in LA County.