Shaping LA’s Future: Allison Clark Is Setting a Vision for Economic Growth for LA County and Beyond

Allison Clark, Vice President, Business and International Trade Development
Allison Clark, Vice President, Business and International Trade Development

Shaping LA’s Future: Allison Clark Is Setting a Vision for Economic Growth for LA County and Beyond 

In the bustling world of economic development, Allison Clark, LAEDC’s new Vice President of Business and International Trade Development, is bringing her expertise and commitment to the Los Angeles region.  

Allison’s role at LAEDC will oversee two critical pillars of the 5 Pillar Strategy for Economic Development: the business assistance program (BAP) and international trade development (through the World Trade Center Los Angeles). Her primary focus is connecting businesses to resources that will cultivate and grow Los Angeles’s industry ecosystems by building robust bus

iness retention strategies, fostering expansion, preventing closures, and recruiting new businesses. These programs support LAEDC’s mission to foster an equitable economic ecosystem in the region. 

Allison’s leadership role aims to integrate LAEDC’s business assistance programs and the international programs of the World Trade Center Los Angeles, ensuring a comprehensive and holistic approach to business development and international trade and investment promotion. 


Communication: The Key to Collaboration and Growth  

Allison’s leadership is grounded in a deep understanding of business needs and her comprhensive experience fostering collaborative partnerships. Being open, transparent, and an active listener are traits she values highly and are crucial for her current position in supporting industry ecosystems throughout the county and beyond. These skills are not just vital in her interactions w

ith colleagues and leadership but also play a critical role in aligning the organization’s values and long-term objectives. 

Her proactive approach to professional development, participation in executive leadership programs, and experience in strategic project development are a testament to her commitment to continuous learning and growth, allowing her to continually understand and meet the changing needs of our region and industries. By staying up to date, she can quickly pivot and adapt to challenges as they arrive while keeping her eyes open to new opportunities out on the horizon. 

Looking Ahead to 2024 and Beyond 

Allison Clark is a strategic leader at LAEDC and is deeply committed to effective, strategic and collaborative growth. Her role is pivotal in advancing LAEDC’s mission, and her insights on leadership, strategy, and communication are invaluable for anyone navigating the complex world of economic development. 

Looking ahead, Allison aims to build on the successful  business development work of the organization and enhance the World Trade Center’s role . Her vision includes a holistic approach that integrates domestic and international business strategies, supporting the regional economy and contributing significantly to LAEDC’s growth and success, especiallyin those industries that are expected to grow and provide well-paying wages for our region. 

Feel free to reach out to Allison Clark at [email protected] 


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