Personal Impact Story: Flor Boutique

Flor Boutique is a women-owned business located in Downtown Wilmington, CA; this small business faced multiple obstacles during COVID; the business was closed due to the Shelter in Place State Ordinance and was not able to obtain any of the COVID Financial incentives during this time. LAEDC coordinated services to assist the business owner in applying for grants from various non-profit organizations, LA County and Foundations. As a result, two jobs at this company were saved, an important step in addressing the high unemployment the South Bay Latinx community experiences.

“LAEDC and its business resources and multiple- grant programs information were very helpful for me to apply for some of them; their assistance helped my business to continue after the COVID period. LAEDC not only provided the grant information programs but helped me apply for those grants; their cost cutting programs also impacted my bottom line as a business.”

-Flor Avilar, Owner

To learn more about our Business Assistance Program, click here.

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