Personal Impact Story: Charcoal Sunset Restaurant

Charcoal Sunset is the sixth restaurant that is part of Citrin Hospitality, specializing in dining experiences in the Metro LA and Westside cities portions of greater Los Angeles. Josiah Citrin, founder, is a culinary expert and veteran of Los Angeles’s gourmet dining scene, with over 25 years of experience. He is the chef and owner of Santa Monica’s highly acclaimed Mélisse and Charcoal Venice. His culinary philosophy, “In Pursuit of Excellence,” sets the standard for all his concepts, whether fine dining or casual.

Charcoal Sunset is a newly opened restaurant in an iconic building along the Sunset Strip. The Director of Business Assistance was requested to provide high-level assistance to streamline the last permitting phase with a utility company. Without essential permits, the business would be unable to operate and meet critical opening date deadlines. The Business Assistance Program (BAP) team immediately stepped into action to understand the situation, parties involved and steps needed for permit sign-off. BAP involvement provided a humanistic level of concern and oversight by aligning respective agency processes, procedures and communications between the client, utility company and the City of West Hollywood. Once the restaurant is fully operational, it will employ about 50 individuals.

“Working with LAEDC has been a tremendous help in getting the doors open at Charcoal Sunset. They connected us to the proper communication channels at the utility company, helping to alleviate the back and forth between departments that can so often take weeks to months to resolve. Without their help, the process of getting the doors open would have been significantly longer and more challenging. We are looking forward to continuing working with them to develop the workforce as a growing brand as well as learn about new programs within LA and California to support our business.”

-Josiah Citrin, Founder

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