City Spotlight: City of West Hollywood

This month’s spotlight is LAEDC Member and 2021 Most Business-Friendly City award winner:  the City of West Hollywood! 

The City of West Hollywood is like no other city in the world. In 1984, the idea for the City of West Hollywood was proposed by an unlikely coalition of LGBT activists, seniors, and renters. These groups came together to advocate for cityhood. Located in the heart of metropolitan Los Angeles, at 1.9 square miles, West Hollywood is a robust economic and cultural center instilled with idealism and creativity. 

West Hollywood is home to innovative industries and a magnet for highly skilled professionals.

Photo credit: Courtesy of the City of West Hollywood. Photo by Jon Viscott.

Companies ranging from retail, tourism and nightlife, restaurants, entertainment and media, as well as arts and design are drawn to West Hollywood’s creative workforce as well as its high quality of life. 

Whether you want to open a business, expand an existing business, you are considering a development project or you are a broker representing properties, City staff is available to assist you and your company through its business planning process. 

The City of West Hollywood’s Economic Development Department includes the Arts, Business Development, and Property Development Divisions. Through the Economic Development Department, the City works to support a creative economy that attracts and retains thriving businesses, to program a diverse portfolio of leading-edge arts and culture programs that engage and enrich the lives of residents and visitors, and to advance the City’s real estate portfolio in innovative ways. 

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