Janice Levy: A Driving Force in LAEDC’s Strategic Relations

As the Director of Strategic Relations at the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC), Janice Levy plays a pivotal role in shaping the organization’s outreach and impact. Her expertise lies in developing strategies for events, stewardship of memberships, and fostering growth in LAEDC’s membership base. Janice’s dual role as an event director and fundraiser uniquely positions her to generate resources and effectively align each signature event with LAEDC’s mission and objectives.  

The shift from her prior experience in higher education to economic development was strategic for Janice. Attracted by the role’s blend of events management and fundraising, she saw an opportunity to pivot her extensive experience to impact the fabric of Los Angeles– the region where she grew up, and is deeply connected and where she is a full-time working mom with 3 children ages 11, 8, and 3 alongside her husband, Avi. 

Celebrating Partnerships and Economic Development 

Janice’s approach is grounded in the belief that strong relationships and community engagement are vital for economic development. This approach can be seen in her Eddy Awards and Gala planning. The Eddy Awards, under Janice’s guidance and management, became not just an event but a platform for celebrating partnerships across Los Angeles County. It brought together organizations and potential members, including major corporations like Delta, to foster a sense of community and shared purpose. 

Learning and Growing Professionally 

Janice’s commitment to professional growth is evident in her eagerness to stay updated with industry trends and attend conferences and workshops. Her adaptability and willingness to learn have been instrumental in transitioning from a background in fundraising and higher education to the unique demands of economic development at LAEDC. 

Janice values collaboration and effective communication, key aspects that drive the success of LAEDC’s events. She emphasizes the importance of team dynamics, respecting diverse opinions, and bringing varied skills to the table. This collaborative spirit is evident in how she and her colleagues engage with LAEDC’s members, providing valuable information and connections that help their businesses thrive. 

Future Aspirations with LAEDC 

Janice envisions a robust growth trajectory for LAEDC, especially with the upcoming LA 28 Olympics & Paralympics. She sees enormous potential in expanding the member base and believes that LAEDC’s role in setting standards for how the region can open new opportunities for organizations, businesses, and our communities. 

Janice’s journey at LAEDC is more than just a career path; it is a testament to her dedication to fostering economic growth and community development in Los Angeles. Her strategic approach to partnerships, event management, and team collaboration highlights the essence of LAEDC’s mission to create a thriving, inclusive economy for all Angelenos.  

Janice’s connection to Los Angeles drives her commitment to LAEDC. She is inspired daily by the organization’s work in workforce development and business assistance, fueling her passion to make LA a better place. 

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