Giving Tuesday 2023

This Giving Tuesday, we invite you to be a part of a collective effort and join the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC) in reinventing our economy to collaboratively advance growth and prosperity for all. 

Our commitment is to foster equitable economic growth across the Los Angeles region. Our data-driven and evidence-based approach is reinforced by the collaboration with community leaders, government officials, businesses, labor unions, philanthropy and education. 

We see a future for Los Angeles that is not only growing but is also equitable, sustainable, and resilient — one that ensures a high standard of living for every resident.  

And donating as part of Giving Tuesday affirms your commitment to that future.

What does that look like?

Your contribution directly supports the following: 

  • LAEDC’s Business Assistance Program (BAP) can deploy to local small businesses to provide resources and connect them to capital and grant opportunities.
  • Our Workforce Development team can provide access points for underserved communities and youth to attain high-paying jobs and careers.
  • Timely data and research that spurs growth to our local Industry Cluster Development including bioscience, aerospace & defense, and sports & entertainment.
  • Build industry cluster templates to spur growth.

Donate now and be a champion for our community and our economy. Together, we can build an economy that uplifts every individual in our community. 

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