LAEDC Announces Appointment of Halé Behzadi of Citi Global Wealth as New Board Chair 

Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation
June 29, 2023 


LAEDC Announces Appointment of Halé Behzadi of Citi Global Wealth as New Board Chair 

New Vice Co-Chairs Efrain Escobedo, Center for Nonprofit Management,
and Ron Frierson, Amazon, join Behzadi.

 Los Angeles, CA – The Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC) is proud to announce the appointment of Halé Behzadi, North America Head of Citi Private Bank, as the new Chair of the Board of Governors, effective July 1, 2023. Ms. Behzadi is a member of Citi Private Bank’s Global Leadership Team and leads the Private Banking activities in 25 offices across the United States and Canada. With more than three decades of experience working in the banking sector, Ms. Behzadi brings strategic and innovative experience and expertise to this role, and the LAEDC is confident in her ability to guide the board in achieving LAEDC’s strategic objectives. 

Ms. Behzadi is joined in her term by Efrain Escobedo, President & CEO of The Center for Nonprofit Management, and Ron Frierson, Director of Economic Development, U.S. West Region of Amazon. 

Ms. Behzadi, Mr. Escobedo, and Mr. Frierson join the board at a vital time for LAEDC as it builds its industry ecosystem blueprints and begins planning its new 5-year strategic plan. The new board chair and co-chairs will help shape LAEDC’s work for our regional economic future and ensure equity and access are guaranteed to all Angelenos.  

“We are thrilled to welcome Halé Behzadi as the new Board Chair of LAEDC. She has demonstrated exceptional and thoughtful leadership and a deep understanding of our work throughout her time as a member of the Board of Governors. I am confident that her insights and guidance will prove invaluable as we navigate LAEDC’s future growth, success, and community impact,” said Stephen Cheung, President & CEO LAEDC. 

“I am honored and excited to take on the role of Board Chair at LAEDC. I have long admired the organization’s commitment to our community, emphasizing excellence, innovation, and equity. I look forward to working closely with the board and management team to drive our strategic vision forward. Together, we will build upon LAEDC’s strong foundation for a growing, resilient, and equitable economy that provides a healthy and high standard of living for all Angelenos,” said Halé Behzadi, Board Chair. 

“I am pleased to join LAEDC’s Board of Governors as co-Vice Chair with Mr. Frierson along with our new Board Chair, Ms. Behazdi. Ms. Behzadi brings a wealth of industry knowledge and a proven track record of success. I am confident that our collective expertise will foster strategic decision-making and drive our region’s continued growth and prosperity, said Efrain Escobedo, Vice Co-Chair. 

 “It is an honor to serve alongside Ms. Behzadi and Mr. Escobedo as Vice Co-Chair of the Executive Committee at LAEDC. I’m excited about the opportunities ahead and believe our combined strengths across multiple industry sectors will enable us to navigate an ever-evolving landscape. Collectively with the rest of the Board of Governors, we can deliver on our mission of a reimagined regional economy that ensures a quality standard of living for all,” said Ron Frierson, Vice Co-Chair. 

Ms. Behazdi takes over for the previous Board Chair, Steve Olson, Partner at O’Melveny, who helped oversee LAEDC’s publication of timely research to help inform state and local policies to facilitate the recovery and provide critical assistance to thousands of small businesses. During the past year, the LAEDC has positioned itself at the center of many of the most important efforts underway to reinvent our economy into one that is more robust, equitable, sustainable, and resilient. Thanks to the Board of Governors and dedicated staff, LAEDC has long been Southern California’s most trusted voice on the regional economy and convener of choice because of its understanding of the power of partnerships, highlighted by the selection of the organization to lead and facilitate our region’s participation in the California Economic Resiliency Fund. 

About the LAEDC
The Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation, a non-profit organization, champions equitable economic growth across the Los Angeles region. Through collaboration with community, government, business, and education partners to inform and advance our data-driven and evidence-based approach, we endeavor to achieve a reimagined regional economy – growing, equitable, sustainable, and resilient – that provides a healthy and high standard of living for all. LAEDC staff and our members represent the diversity of Los Angeles County and act as trusted conveners, thought partners, valued service providers, regional stewards, and catalysts for transformational change. Visit or call (213) 236-4847   


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