Success Story: Rice Field Corp/Great River Food

Rice Field Corp/Great River Food

“As a family-owned business, Rice Field Corp/ Great River Food has been in Los Angeles County for over 35 years in the City of Industry. Our company has grown rapidly, becoming one of the largest privately-owned Asian food processing companies in the San Gabriel Valley. We currently employ over 240 workers and are looking to add 20 to 30 workers next year. We are constantly being hit with increasing workers comp rates, business taxes, and other business-related costs. These increased costs sometimes make you consider if leaving California is a solution to lowering the cost of doing business. Since we have been conversing with you in June of this year, you have helped us tremendously by introducing us to business incentive programs to help sustain and grow our business. With the fast-changing economy, it’s reassuring to know that there are people like you and the LAEDC that care about helping to keep our local businesses strong and sustaining jobs in our economy.”  

– Eric Lee Coo, Rice Field Corp/Great River Food 

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