Success Story: BriteWorks, Inc. (Covina, CA)

BriteWorks, Inc. (Covina, CA)

BriteWorks is a woman-owned Latinx business, providing commercial cleaning and janitorial services to businesses for 25 years. LAEDC has provided assistance to BriteWorks on incentives, workforce, PPE and Covid19 related programs. LAEDC participated in L.A. Metro’s Transportation Advisory Council hearings to voice support for the authenticity and professionalism BriteWorks to continue with their contract for cleaning and disinfecting MTA buses. That was successfully resolved, sustaining 155 jobs.

“You recommended a variety of programs and introductions to service providers that could assist us with business challenges and introduced us to business incentive programs to help sustain and grow our business. With the fast-changing economy, it’s reassuring to know that there are people like you at the LAEDC that really care about helping to keep our local businesses strong, sustaining jobs in our economy.”

– Anita Ron, President, BriteWorks, Inc

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