SFV Business Journal recognizes LAEDC past and present leadership

CEO Bill Allen, past chairs Dianne Harrison, Bob Hertzberg, David Fleming recognized as “Icons of Influence” in the San Fernando Valley Business Journal, a new category that has been created to highlight the top 20 leaders making the most positive impact in the region.

If you picked up the San Fernando Valley Business Journal this past few days, on the cover you would have seen LAEDC’s new chair Steve Nissen profiled in a Q&A with the editorial staff, talking about LAEDC’s increasing emphasis on economic equity.  And within the annual list of Valley 200 most influential leaders, some familiar faces were honored this week, as the Business Journal for the first time selected its choices for the top 20 people within that list to be recognized as Icons of Influence, which speaks to the positive influence these leaders have had — and continue to have — in the broader region.  These “Icons” were singled out by the Business Journal and recognized at an event held on 7/21/20.

LAEDC is honored by the generosity and leadership of those who serve on a voluntary basis as chair, advancing our nonprofit mission.  The 2020 Icons of Influence list includes:

  • Dianne Harrison, president of California State University Northridge (CSUN), who just completed her 2019-2020 term as chair of LAEDC and helped guide our response to businesses severely impacted by the pandemic
  • State Senator Majority Leader Bob Hertzberg served as LAEDC chair twice, in 2011-2012 and in 2004-2005, and continues to be a great collaborator as economic public policy ideas are discussed and implemented
  • David Fleming, another former chair of LAEDC , and perennially active and engaged member was also recognized in the Icons list
  • In addition to former chairs, current LAEDC CEO Bill Allen was also one of the 20 people selected as Icons of Influence in the inaugural list this year


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