Bolton & Company Hosts California Workers’ Compensation Webinar

On March 20, Bolton & Company explained ways businesses can reduce the cost of Workers Comp and avoid some common compliance pitfalls in the California Workers’ Compensation Webinar. The webinar is recorded and LAEDC encourages you to view it, potentially helping the bottom line at your business.  The featured speakers at the event were Bolton & Company’s very own Lyeng Ia (Senior Vice President) and Lorenda Edmundson (Senior WC Claims Consultant).

As California is often ranked as the most expensive state for workers’ compensation costs, and because the workers’ compensation system is so complicated, businesses often don’t understand the system very well, may be in noncompliance and face penalties, and are possibly unaware of how to reduce workers’ compensation costs.  The webinar explored the fundamentals of workers compensation.  LAEDC collaborated with Bolton & Company for this webinar, and we often recommend to businesses that they evaluate Workers Comp cost reduction, so we are pleased to provide this content from Bolton & Co, an LAEDC member and well-known insurance broker/provider.

To listen to the webinar, you can click here. Or to read the handouts provided, please visit here.

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