Success Story: Playa Las Tunas (Los Angeles, CA)

playa las tunas
Celso Hernandez, Owner of Playa Las Tunas – Los Angeles, CA

Playa Las Tunas (Los Angeles, CA)

Playa Las Tunas is an example of how small restaurants have struggled during the pandemic. Restaurant owner, Celso Hernandez, was initially denied financial assistance when he applied for grants. Still, LAEDC helped him reapply and successfully access funds, allowing him to remain open and retain jobs as he pivoted to online delivery options. As L.A. County reopens, the business can accommodate in-person dining patrons again.

“Because of the funds from the City of Los Angeles and the resources and programs that LAEDC has been providing me, here we are – the restaurant is open through the pandemic, and we are keeping our staff and customers safe. Thank you, LAEDC.”

– Celso Hernandez, Owner, Playa Las Tunas

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