2019 Update to Initial Findings / Powering Economic Opportunity

2019 Update to Initial Findings / Powering Economic Opportunity: The goal of the first baseline report released in 2017 was to pinpoint select “target” industries and middle-skill occupations that will drive the regional economy, contributing to increased prosperity and improved standards of living for the residents in the economic region encompassed by Los Angeles and Orange counties (hereafter referred to as the “Los Angeles Basin” or the “L.A. Basin.” This second baseline report updates the data and is more occupationally-focused compared to the first, removing the industrial umbrella and leading with occupational demand projections. It should be noted that this report uses a new forecast date range (2017-2022) and a new and updated forecasting model, which will in many cases increase the forecasts for job openings in occupations compared to reports using the prior date range and prior forecasting model.

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