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This research brief was released by LAEDC’s Institute for Applied Economics the first week of California’s lockdown for the COVID-19 crisis of 2020. It provided stakeholders in the region and broader nation with analysis to prepare for the unprecedented and deeply damaging and rapid economic changes, job dislocations and business challenges that we would all face.  Originally circulated as a direct, urgent email campaign to all LAEDC’s network of contacts, we provide it here as an archive of our analysis at that time, which was one of the first comprehensive perspectives to help inform decision makers and households in the LA County region.  The brief includes:

  • COVID-19 affect our LA County economy, its industries, employers and workforce
  • Recommendations and analysis from LAEDC

For post-COVID analysis please see LAEDC’s Pathways to Economic Resilience report which looks at what actually happened in the economy during the first eight months of the pandemic and provides related policy recommendations for a more equitable recovery.