LAEDC e4 Mobility Alliance’s mission is to promote and further develop Southern California as the leader in advanced transportation including R&D and commercialization of autonomous vehicles, maximizing plug-in electric, natural gas and fuel cell vehicle adoption rates; fleet conversion; ride sharing and a range of e-mobility solutions that will enhance a robust manufacturing cluster and infrastructure deployment resulting in job growth and investment through appropriate levels of public and private funding; technology transfer; workforce development; and policy initiatives.  Through this work, job creation is fostered, creating economic opportunity for our region’s residents.



E4 Goals

1. Spread awareness of LA County as an Advanced Transportation Capital

2. Leverage the region’s intellectual property, research and workforce training assets to grow the Advanced Transportation industry cluster

3. Advocate for legislative agenda and public policy that foster growth of the industry cluster

4. Develop and implement industry cluster growth strategy

Join E4 Mobility Alliance

To join the E4 Mobility Alliance (does not require an LAEDC membership), please complete the contact form below, and you will be notified of events, public policy calls-to-action, and business opportunities.

Meeting Schedule

For information about the E4 Alliance meeting schedule, please contact Alicia Walker at LAEDC.

Membership and Contact info

Members of the E4 Mobility Alliance are industry executives involved in work with advanced transportation, alternative fuels, electric propulsion, and autonomous vehicles, and related subsystems based in Southern California.  See the “Join” link above on this page.  The primary contact for E4 Mobility Alliance is [email protected]. Co-Chairs Jeff Joyner or Rick Teebay, may be contacted at (Jeff) [email protected] and (Rick) [email protected] .  Program manager Alicia Walker is also a resource at [email protected].

For media inquiries, please contact Lawren Markle at [email protected]