LA Wave article: Community colleges play vital role in minority communities

How do we improve diversity, equity and inclusion in key Los Angeles industries? An article in the Los Angeles Wave newspapers highlights the importance of our region’s community colleges, with quotes from LAEDC’s Jessica Ku Kim, Santa Monica College Dean Eric Williams, the Community College Chancellor’s office and others.

The article was published in response to a new report that LAEDC published via its partnership in Center for a Competitive Workforce (CCW), titled Middle-skill Occupations through the Lens of Race and Ethnicity, which highlights opportunities for certain industries and occupations to better reflect the diversity of LA’s population.  It explores occupational segregation to inform conversations about equity in our economy and illuminates pathways into well-paying careers that will help not only people of color, but also workers who have been displaced by the COVID economic crisis.  As it stands, funding has ended for this series of CCW reports, but the treasure trove of data in the nearly 20 CCW labor market reports provides actionable data on over 100 occupations in LA’s economy that pay well and are expected to see strong hiring.  This data continues to inform program development at the community colleges in LA County.

In this week’s article in the The Los Angeles Wave Newspaper, Community colleges play vital role in minority communities, there are numerous strategies and perspectives presented that will enable greater progress and dialogue to support economic mobility for people of color in the region.  While the healthcare industry is a focus for the article, other industries are covered in the CCW report.

Read the article at the Los Angeles Wave newspapers

If you are interested in collaborating with LAEDC on workforce development programs, including via partnership on CCW, please contact Jessica Ku Kim, LAEDC’s vice president of economic and workforce development at:  [email protected]


For archiving purposes, the Wave Newspapers article can also be read on page 4 of this pdf of the July 22, 2021 edition.




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