Economic Forecast 2024

February 27, 2024 | InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown

About the Forecast

LAEDC’s annual Economic Forecast is a highly anticipated event that offers a valuable look ahead at projections for the national, state, and local economy, all with global implications. LAEDC’s Institute for Applied Economics will release it’s annual economic forecast report at this event, and attendees will learn about economic trends, opportunities, and challenges from experts. With this forecast, attendees will also receive takeaways and action items for how they can help spur growth within their industry verticals and across the Los Angeles Region.

  • Tuesday, February 27, 2024
  • 8:30 AM – 12:00 PM
  • InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown
  • Individual Tickets $215 (special discount available for LAEDC Members)

Breakout Sessions:

Building Solutions: Tackling Los Angeles’ Housing Crisis through Innovative Development

Los Angeles is one of the most competitive housing markets in the country – leading many to either work remotely, leave the state, or become unhoused. While many local and state programs are underway to address our current housing issue, there are still many challenges affecting potential solutions. Options like construction, adaptive reuse, or corporate housing can create economic opportunities and new investments in the region. This session will discuss the economic case and opportunities to increase our housing stock and the challenges that currently exist in getting the foundations set.

Navigating the Shift: Economic Strategies for Clean Energy Adoption

We are in a climate crisis, and there are many proven and emerging technologies that can help reduce our use of fossil fuels. However, there is an upfront cost to the transition to sustainable, renewable energies. We need to balance immediate costs with long-term global environmental and economic gains, highlighting the necessity of immediate action in the face of climate change. This session will discuss the economic challenges and opportunities of moving to clean energy, especially for small businesses, the opportunities that exist to increase investment, train a workforce to deploy clean energy, and the economic reality of delaying this adoption.

Empowering All Voices: Regional Synergy for Economic Growth in LA

4,058 square miles. 88 Cities. 10 million people. Los Angeles County is too big for one organization alone to create an equitable economy by itself. Regional collaboration is not just beneficial but essential for creating the momentum necessary to advance our collective economic prospects. How can we build inclusive platforms that ensure everyone has a seat at the table without pushing anyone out or diminishing another’s voice? This session will present specific strategies from leaders of regional Economic Development Organizations (EDOs) on how they are supporting business assistance, workforce development, and enhancing procurement opportunities throughout the County.