LAEDC’s DME Industry Council is a network of Southern California-based leaders from business, labor, education, nonprofit, and public sectors dedicated to promoting and further developing Southern California as a leader in Digital Media and Entertainment (DME), including film, television, streaming, gaming, VR, AR and digital advertising. We are committed to growing, attracting, and retaining DME talent and investment in the region through developing human and capital resources, building networks, marketing, and policy initiatives.  Through this work, job creation is fostered, creating economic opportunity for our region’s residents.

This industry cluster is evolving rapidly as technology and innovation impact business models and occupations alike, and the Council aims to stay one step ahead to ensure the region maintains its competitive edge to the benefit or the residents of Southern California.



Join the DME Industry Council

To join the DME Council please contact LAEDC’s Celina Pacana.

Research on the DME Industry Cluster

LAEDC, in partnership with Center for a Competitive Workforce, recently completed a study of the Entertainment and Digital Media industry cluster in the Los Angeles Basin, which defines the industry, it’s occupations, the skills required for those occupations, and forecasts for both jobs and the industry at large.  The findings are available here.  For details, contact LAEDC’s Celina Pacana.

Meeting Schedule

For information about the meeting schedule, please contact LAEDC’s Celina Pacana.


The primary contact for DME Industry Council is LAEDC’s Celina Pacana.

For media inquiries, please contact Lawren Markle at [email protected]