PwC COVID-19 Navigator for Businesses

Assess the potential impact to your business and gauge your readiness to respond

PwC provides this useful tool, the PwC COVID-19 Navigator, to help businesses and other employers understand the facts about the current and potential future impact of COVID-19, to help you make informed decisions for your people and for the business.

The Navigator is an online, interactive tool. It is free of charge to participate. It’s designed to help you and your leadership members better understand where you are on the path toward COVID-19 preparedness across these six focus areas:

  • Crisis management and response
  • Workforce
  • Operations and supply chain
  • Finance and liquidity
  • Tax and trade
  • Strategy and brand

Upon completion, participants will receive a customized report from PwC, based on their specific responses, with insights and recommendations. Subsequent versions will include benchmarking data to allow participants to compare their own risk/readiness with similar organizations.

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Please note, PwC states your confidential input will be aggregated with those of your peers and neither you nor your organization’s responses will be identifiable to other participants. From within the Navigator, you will be able to share your link with others in your organization in order for them to respond to different sections of the survey.

If you have any questions on this survey or how PwC’s crisis team can help navigate through the challenges of COVID-19, email the Navigator team at [email protected] or visit PwC’s COVID-19 website.