Organic Waste Regulation & Compliance for California Food Manufacturers

Organic Waste Regulation & Compliance for California Food Manufacturers

Thursday, August 18 11 AM – 12 PM

Consistent with the strength, breadth, and punitive nature of the California Clean Air Act, on January 1st, 2022, the state of California began implementing SB 1383 – Short-Lived Climate Waste Management & Pollutant Act. It has significant implications for food manufacturers and jurisdictions, much of which is off of their radar yet vital to know.

Organic waste pollution is one of the leading causes of climate change in California. SB 1383 provides rigorous and comprehensive legislation to reduce methane gas production in our landfills from organic waste by 50% by year-end and 75% by 2025. The implementation has begun within each jurisdiction with specific waste reduction goals provided by Cal Recycle. As you might imagine, the jurisdiction can’t do it alone — so, these same goals are being filtered down to local businesses, manufacturers, commercial providers, and residences.

During this webinar, CMTC Contractor Debbie Goldfarb will provide an in-depth overview of SB 1383 including its:

  • Timeline
  • Requirements
  • Penalties for Noncompliance

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