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World Trade Center-Los Angeles supports the development of international trade and business opportunities for Southern California as the leading international trade resource in the region.  We also promote L.A. County as a destination for foreign investment by assisting international investors, thereby enhancing the region’s economy, employment and business opportunities.

The WTC and our trade managers work in conjunction with the LAEDC’s Business Assistance Team. Together, we provide a diverse array of services to quickly make connections for you.  Learn more by selecting topics on the left menu.

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Close Ties

Learn about many of the close ties that have developed between Los Angeles County and Japan, the number one source of foreign direct investment into L.A. County.

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Growing Together

This report describes many of the close ties that have developed between Los Angeles County and China, the number one trading partner into L.A. County.

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Throughout its history, Los Angeles County has been a key destination for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)*. L.A. County is home to many recent and older foreign direct investments throughout our diversified industrial base.

Foreign Direct Investment

What is Foreign Direct Investment? It may sound like something extraterrestrial but, in fact, FDI is an important piece of the puzzle for a healthy economy. FDI is best described as a company that invests in self growth through building and establishing branches in other countries. FDI strengthens the regional economy by bringing new technology, capital, skills, and international connections and by creating new jobs.

Foreign Direct Investment In Los Angeles County: 2008-2009 Report & Survey

FDI Facts

There are currently 4,521 foreign-owned and -affiliated business establishments, approximately 1.8% of all private sector establishments in L.A. County, that are doing business in L.A. County

The top ten sources of foreign direct investment as measured by establishments
Country # of Establishments
Japan Japan 1,413
United Kingdom United Kingdom 794
Germany Germany 334
Canada Canada 278
Switzerland Switzerland 196
Italy Italy 165
Netherlands Netherlands 154
Taiwan Taiwan 127
Australia Australia 109
Top five L.A. County cities where foreign-owned and -affiliated businesses are located
  • Los Angeles—1,591 establishments
  • Torrance—310 establishments
  • Long Beach—212 establishments
  • Santa Monica—134 establishments
  • Pasadena—127 establishments
Total FDI employees account for 9.9%, or one in ten, of all private-sector workers in Los Angeles County
  • Direct FDI employees: 136,000 jobs
  • Indirect FDI employees: 223,000 jobs
  • Total FDI employees: 359,000 jobs
Top five major industries with the most foreign-owned businesses
Industry # of Establishments
Retail trade 981
Wholesale trade 930
Manufacturing 608
Finance & Insurance 481
Transportation & Warehousing 347
Foreign-owned and affiliated businesses by L.A. County Region
Region # of Establishments
Gateway Cities 796
South Bay/LAX 741
San Fernando Valley 725
San Gabriel Valley 698
Westside 415
South L.A. 402
Mid-City/Crenshaw/Hollywood 304
Central/Downtown/East L.A. 303
Santa Clarita/Valencia 87
Antelope Valley 50
Total 4,521