About e4Mobility Alliance

The LAEDC e4Mobility Alliance’s mission is to promote and further develop Southern California as the leader in advanced transportation including maximizing plug-in electric, natural gas and fuel cell vehicle adoption rates; fleet conversion; ride sharing and a range of e-mobility solutions that will enhance a robust manufacturing cluster and infrastructure deployment resulting in job growth and investment through appropriate levels of public and private funding; technology transfer; workforce development; and policy initiatives.



1. Continue to market LA County as an Advanced Transportation Capital

  • Update existing brochures on e-Mobility and Bioenergy
  • Increase focus for LA as an international e-Mobility capital with FDI as a focus
  • Create case studies on LA County and companies that are doing well
  • Create brochures on energy storage, fuel cells, and smart grid
  • Consider sponsorship opportunities at cleantech events as they surface
  • Leverage LA Auto Show
  • Leverage Center

2. Continue to leverage the intellectual property, research and workforce training at our workforce investment boards, colleges and universities.

  • Consider hosting a joint conference with major research universities
  • Engage more with FLOW
  • Leverage C-5
  • Hold a workshop on IP and a webinar
  • Identify universities and colleges who have gaps in IP, collect information on IP for universities
  • Leverage InLA

3. Ensure Southern California gets an increased share of local, state and federal funding for e-Mobility

  • Monitor funding sources
  • Aggressively pursue funding sources to sustain and grow Center presence
  • Continue cohosting events and workshops with SCAG (create branding for it) and bring on other organizations to grow distribution list

4. Improve eCarFests

  • Create improved branding for eCarFests: one for consumers and one for fleets
  • Target old car festivals and streetfestivals
  • Industry eCarFests—partner with colleges and universities
  • Participate in event planning meetings for major conferences to shape panel/sessions
  • Hold a total of four in 2014
  • Integrate workforce training into eCarFests

5. Remove Obstacles for Alt Fuel Vehicles in Municipal Fleets

  • Partner with Clean Cities organizations, MEMA, OPR, NAFA
  • Communicate options via webinar and other communication tools for replacing vehicles
  • Consider how to move startups into fleets and how to move consumer products to consumers
  • Remove obstacles for Alternative Fuel Vehicles at Municipalities with replacement of vehicle incentives and municipal leases/master finance plans. Communication of options
  • Partner with MEMA and OPR and NAFA

6. Develop Legislative Agenda

  • Create leave behinds
  • Dedicated trips to Sacramento
  • Consider local and federal initiatives as well
  • Leverage Zero Emission Vehicle Guidebook
  • Maximize cap-and-trade revenue, AB 118, and Carl Moyer programs for clean transportation, consistent with local Sustainable Communities Strategies including transit, ridesharing, alternative fueling infrastructure, pilot projects (e.g., workplace and multi-family housing), research and development, etc.

7. Create Cluster Development Strategy

  • RICO Process with a focus on waste to energy and energy storage
  • Growing Waste to Energy Opportunities in Los Angeles County through initiatives such as RPS, Low-Carbon Fuel Standard—creating high-wage, high-value jobs while simultaneously reducing and diverting waste from landfills, reducing GHG emissions and powering our alternative fuels (renewable natural gas, hydrogen, renewable and bio diesel, and electricity)
  • Continue Cleantech Portal

Join E4 Mobility Alliance

To join the E4 Mobility Alliance (does not require an LAEDC membership), please complete the contact form below.  If you would like to become an LAEDC member, which supports the E4 Mobility Alliance, please click here. If you have questions or wish to bring an issue to the attention of team, send an email to Advanced Transportation & Cleantech Industry Cluster Development at LAEDC.

Meeting Schedule

The e4Mobility Alliance meets on semi-monthly on the first Thursday and second Thursday of the month from 10am-11:30am.  For additional information contact Misha Houser at LAEDC.

Membership and Contact info

Members are individuals involved in work with advanced transportation, alternative fuels and electric propulsion, based in Southern California.  Elected officials are also encouraged to join and support growth of this industry and its jobs.  See the “Join” link above on this page.  The primary contact for E4 Mobility Alliance is Advanced Transportation & Cleantech Industry Cluster Development at [email protected]. Co-Chairs Jeff Joyner or Rick Teebay, may be contacted at (Jeff) [email protected] and (Rick) [email protected] .

For media inquiries, please contact Lawren Markle at [email protected]


What is Advanced Transportation Center of Southern California?

The LAEDC is a key founding partner of the Advanced Transportation Center of Southern California, a resource to foster growth of this industry, including alternate fuels, innovative new changes in modes of transportation inclusing autonomous vehicles and more. The Advanced Transportation Center of Southern California has recently been established to promote these technologies and assist this industry cluster as it grows successfully, which will lead to well-paying, skilled jobs, and add economic strength to the region.  Learn more by visiting the website.



Co-Chairs: E4 Mobility Alliance

Jeff Joyner rick_teebay2
Jeff Joyner,
Greenberg Traurig, LLP
Rick Teebay,
LA County Sustainability
JoAnne Stewart,
Gladstein, Neandross & Assoc
s200_michael.boehmMichael Boehm, e4 Advanced Trans Ctr of Southern CA
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