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Everyone benefits from a strong regional economy. Your support of the LAEDC enables us to continue our mission of attracting and retaining jobs and businesses in L.A. County and provides for a better quality of life for our residents. Membership at the LAEDC means partnering with like-minded organizations and an expert team of economists to solve complex issues and promote job retention and creation in our state and regional economy.

Join the consensus leadership that is driving the 21st century economy in Los Angeles County. Membership in the LAEDC places your organization at the head of the table alongside industry leaders, stakeholders, and elected officials. Learn about LAEDC membership levels and benefits.

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Network with public and private sector leaders from a wide spectrum of industries who share a common interest in developing a prosperous future for our region. Members also benefit from the close working relationships the LAEDC enjoys with our 17 strategic and regional partners who represent key local, national, and international organizations and associations.

“The LAEDC is SCE’s primary stakeholder in growing, attracting, and retaining jobs in Los Angeles County. They serve as a unifying collaborative partner in the County of Los Angeles, who strategically provide a comprehensive approach and portfolio of economic development tools and resources to help stabilize and grow the regional economy. They are valued partners with a successful history directly benefitting Los Angeles County and indirectly benefitting the greater Southern California region.” –Michael Bushey, Acting Director, Technical Services, Southern California Edison

Impact key policy issues that affect our regional economy. The LAEDC plays a vital role as the foremost local organization focused on the overall health and vitality of LA County. As part of this inherent responsibility, the LAEDC adopts policy goals that support, drive and grow our region’s world-leading creative economy. Our 2012/2013 Policy Agenda provides ideas, initiatives, and specific recommendations that we feel will be useful as you engage in and move forward on your own public service activities.

Participate in the LAEDC’s Strategic Advisory Committee meetings. These committees and their associated subgroups are a driving force behind accomplishing the goals detailed in our policy agenda. Committees meet regularly and provide opportunity for all associates of member organizations to become actively engaged in LAEDC policy discussions and strategic initiatives.

Access the LAEDC’s Kyser Center for Economic Research for regional statistics, demographics, industry trends, and more.

Collaborate with the LAEDC’s Economic Policy and Analysis Group (EPAG) which offers objective research for public agencies and private firms. EPAG focuses on economic impact studies, regional industry analyses, economic forecasts, and policy studies, particularly in water, transportation infrastructure and environmental issues. Clients include government agencies, cities, educational institutions and private sector firms.