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LAEDC Annual Economic Forecast is published

LAEDC has published its 2020 Economic Forecast, which was presented February 19th, 2020. The report, while generally optimistic about continued modest growth and employment gains, also explored major challenges in our regional economy; the biggest issue being that not enough people are sharing in economic success in the region.

Oil and Gas Industry in California: 2019 Report

LAEDC has published a new report, Oil & Gas In California: The Industry, Its Economic Contribution and User Industries at Risk. Download the report by clicking on the image.  

LAEDC publishes Economic Forecast 2018-2019

LAEDC’s Institute for Applied Economics has published the annual LAEDC Economic Forecast, covering years 2018-2019, with a focus on California and Los Angeles County.  About 500 attendees joined LAEDC for the report’s release, and heard from numerous expert speakers, including a panel discussing solutions to the shrinking middle class.

LA’s Community Colleges Form Center to Inform Career Education Programs

In response to the growing concern about the fast transitioning economy and job markets, which are becoming increasingly more technical and specialized, LA County’s 19 Community Colleges have agreed to launch and co-invest in the region’s first Center for a Competitive Workforce, which will be housed at the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC).  The Center will deliver on the vision of the statewide Strong Workforce Program with new and better coordination by combining research on the supply of and demand for talent, which may incite changes across the state in how Strong Workforce is implemented.