Los Angeles County is the Best Place to Trade, Sell, and Export

L.A. County offers many advantages for businesses involved in international import and export, trade with the heartland of the U.S., and sales to the local market.

International Trade Capital

L.A. County is the largest international trade economy in the Western Hemisphere, handling over 40% of all U.S. containerized freight coming and going by sea. The infrastructure, workforce, access to markets and capital is unmatched in the U.S. Learn more 

Local Consumer Market of 10 Million

Not only are there 10 million people in L.A. County that buy goods and services, the diversity of the residents creates opportunity for niche products and products that appeal to the dozens of international cultures thriving in L.A.

Many international companies choose to manufacture in Los Angeles County to establish a foothold in the U.S. market because of the large local consumer market, access to logistics to serve the rest of the U.S., proximity to the ports, and the convenience of a top international airport with LAX. In addition, LA has is unmatched in its thriving business communities from 100+ countries, and a strong business community from your home country is often a great advantage as a new company builds local relationships and hires employees who speak your language.

The World Trade Center – Los Angeles is here to assist global companies locate in L.A. County and also offers export assistance to local businesses.

Export Assistance

LAEDC’s Business Assistance Program provides export assistance to local companies seeking new market opportunities. In addition, the U.S. Commercial Service is co-located at the LAEDC offices, and its international trade specialists offer global connections to help businesses in L.A. County get a strong foothold in overseas markets.

The LAEDC and the World Trade Center – Los Angeles also participate in international trade missions and can open additional market opportunities for L.A. County businesses. An example is the new California Center in Beijing.

Learn about L.A. County's economy including international trade

Learn more about the trade relationship other countries have with Los Angeles County, understand the demographics of L.A.’s regions, and get other useful data and insight HERE.

Get Started Selling in L.A. County

If you are starting or locating a business in L.A. County and need assistance becoming operational to begin selling your goods or services, contact LAEDC’s Business Assistance Team.

Better Business Webinars

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Events around town that teach fundamentals of exporting and developing new markets

LAEDC publishes an events calendar that highlights export-assistance events around the L.A. region, and our bi-weekly email distribution called “Events of Interest” will help you find these events.  Sign up for our Business Leader newsletter to receive these supplemental Events of Interest emails.