The LAEDC looks forward to collaborating with you and your organization to advance progress in key areas of public policy affecting the LA County economy and the related important areas of community and environmental sustainability.  There are many ways to become involved:

  • Serve on a committee dedicated to addressing specific sectors and topics
  • Get involved with LAEDC on a letter of support for a significant state bill or legislative issue
  • Support an LAEDC initiative, such as the E4 Mobility Alliance, by learning about the objectives and joining-in to take action in support of the stated goals (contact Strategic Initiatives and Industry Cluster Development).
  • Become a member of the LAEDC, to gain more robust access to our strategic planning process, meet and exchange ideas with influencers and leaders throughout the County, and numerous other benefits to you and our shared future as Angelinos.

For more information, to get involved, and take action in support of public policy issues, please contact David Flaks, Chief Operating Officer at [email protected]