Implementation of the new 2016-2020 Los Angeles County Strategic Plan for Economic Development.

Propel L.A. is the dedicated team within LAEDC, focused on implementation of the Strategic Plan.

Marianne Haver Hill, Executive Director of Propel L.A. has brought on a team to work collaboratively with organizations like yours throughout the region, to collaboratively support and drive implementation efforts.

This Strategic Plan is ambitious, and for good reason. An unprecedented economic transition is underway, and we all need to row together to navigate the changing tide. Together, we, in the broader LA County community, have the “know-how” to make meaningful progress on the seven goals of this plan, improving standards of living for more of our neighbors and resulting in more widely shared prosperity.  However, it will clearly require shared responsibility, added capacity and coordinated action by many organizations and individuals, inside and outside of government.

 County of Los Angeles is looking at the role of government, and has now identified numerous opportunities to implement elements of the plan, and much more collaboration in the business, education, nonprofit, and public sector will be needed for an effective implementation.

JP Morgan Chase and Morgan Family Foundation were the initial funders of the Strategic Plan, with additional funders including the Roy & Patricia Disney Foundation, Bank of America, Citibank, and Wells Fargo.    See the growing list of Sponsors here.

Funding Organizations



During the implementation of the original 2010-2014 Strategic Plan, the LAEDC advanced initiatives in support of its goals.  A few quick examples are:

LAEDC 2012-2013 Policy Booklet

Model Filming Ordinance

SoCal Aerospace Council

E4 Mobility Alliance