On this page you’ll learn about the Safer at Work campaign and also access Rapid Recovery Webinars to help businesses gain solutions to increase revenue or manage finances during this period.

  • Access expert videos to increase e-commerce, access capital, improve operational efficiency and adapt strategy
  • Tap into LAEDC’s Rapid Response Business Assistance program, a free consulting service to help businesses overcome challenges
  • Support the Safer at Work LA mass market campaign to encourage customers and promote adherence to safety guidelines

LAEDC and County of Los Angeles WDACS are partnering to help businesses in LA County overcome challenges and reinvent during 2020.

Watch Videos

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Dominate the Market / Grow Your Online Sales

(10-10-20 webinar video)

Building an on Online Store of Your Dreams

(10-14-20 webinar video)

Como Aumentar tus Ventas en Redes Sociales

(10-17-20 seminario web)

Strategies on how to Manage Your Finances and Capital in time of Covid

(10-21-20 webinar video)

Como Administrar tus Finanzas y Estrategias de Capital en tiempo de Covid

(10-24-20 seminario web)

Superstar Skills to Market Your Business

(11-4-20 webinar)

Please use Safer at Work posters and materials at your business, to show patrons you are following safety protocols and encourage safe customer interactions (Available Nov 18th)

Also visit LAEDC’s Community Connectory, which is our COVID-19 resource page that includes latest information on grants and resources, new LAEDC economic analysis webinars and more