Pathways to Economic Resiliency LA County: APPENDIX (part 3)

Pathways to Economic Resiliency LA County: APPENDIX (part 3)

County of Los Angeles has released a report prepared by LAEDC, with data and analysis of the economic crisis caused by COVID-19, and recommendations for steps the public and private sector can take to improve the recovery and create more widely shared equity.  The report, Pathways to Economic Resiliency, is a product of LAEDC’s Institute for Applied Economics which is committed to LAEDC’s vision of a growing, equitable, environmentally sustainable and resilient economy, that provides a healthy and high standard of living for all in LA County.


This Appendix is a data-rich 300-page document, with charts, maps, and a basis for much of the analysis and recommendations in the main report.   This is a great tool for people who want to explore the report more deeply, study its data, and consider additional directions for study.

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