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The World Trade Center Los Angeles (WTCLA) report Foreign Direct Investment in Southern California, 2018 provides details on Foreign-Owned Enterprises (FOEs) as a major contributor to employment. The report found that over 10,000 FOEs employ approximately 428,000 people in Southern California.

  • In total, there are over 10,000 firms in SoCal that have foreign ownership, employing approximately 428,000 workers in the region.
  • The top three countries whose business investments generate employment in Southern California are; Japan (85,874 jobs), UK (63,739 jobs), Canada (40,819 jobs). While China ranked #8 on the list, jobs at firms with Chinese ownership increased 148% over the past two-year period, to 15,968 jobs.
  • Overall, the number of foreign-owned firms increased, but the number of jobs declined slightly in Los Angeles and Orange Counties.
  • Download from this page, or learn more HERE.