ACTIVATE LA – Relevant Economic Research

LAEDC publishes a variety of economic reports that can be useful to development planning.

LAEDC Reports page for examples of the following reports:

  • Economic Impact Analysis: LAEDC produces report on a fee basis to help entities plan for development and better understand the positive impact of the plans, in terms of contribution to tax revenues, job creation, and more.
  • Neighborhood/regional demographic and local market analysis, includingCity Snapshots: LAEDC reviews specific conditions of local markets to better inform economic strategy, so that real estate development successfully serves local interests and local demand AND leverages the strengths of the local market, such as local skilled labor pools.
  • Industry Cluster reports: LAEDC provides regular analysis of the L.A. County industry clusters, with emphasis on export-oriented industries. A strategic approach to a long-term sustainable real estate development can successfully leverage information about our local clusters. By considering ways to leverage our industry cluster strengths and a connected economy, cluster analysis may suggest paths to create a dynamic, growth-oriented real estate project.
  • Industry & Labor Market Intelligence – A Look Ahead at Job Market: LAEDC’s regular forecasts of job growth by industry and occupation can be useful when considering the types of jobs a real estate development project will create. Job growth forecasts, when viewed against the context of the local market, are a useful planning tool.
  • Site-specific real estate research: LAEDC can suggest additional service providers for site-specific real estate research.