Food Manufacturing

dole foodsL.A. County has the means to support the demands of food processors – along with a strong consumer market and experienced workforce.

The food manufacturing industry in L.A. County stretches from salsa to sodas, from beer to bread, and includes hundreds of specialty processors that locate near each other to swap freshly prepared ingredients. The local industry benefits from a large concentration of suppliers, distributors, local agriculture and fresh ingredients, national distribution centers and a high level of experienced workers whose creativity brings great products to market successfully.

  • Access to wide varieties of fresh produce grown in abundance, locally and in nearby counties
  • Local clusters of established food processing businesses that are a source of ingredients and supplies
  • Fast and efficient transportation and logistics infrastructure that serves the nation, as well as international markets (L.A. County is the #1 international trade center of the United States)
  • Energy availability – including reliance on renewable energy sources
    Strong labor force
  • A culturally diverse population of 10 million people, with diverse tastes and interests in great food products. Overseas food brands often setup operations in L.A. County to serve the U.S. market.

Processed food is the ninth largest traded industry cluster in Los Angeles County. Key employers in this segment include:

  • Farmer John, the well-known meat packer in Vernon, famous for their “Dodger Dogs” served at Dodger Stadium
  • Halo Top Creamery, the fastest growing ice cream brand, with headquarters and manufacturing in Los Angeles
  • Sunkist Growers, the famed citrus cooperative with executive offices in the San Fernando Valley
  • Sriracha Hot Chili Sauce maker Huy Fong Foods, based in the San Gabriel Valley

The Antelope Valley, in the northern reaches of the county, continues to be a major producer of alfalfa, root vegetables and tree fruits, employing over 1,400 workers.

Education Connection: California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, supports L.A. County’s food industry, with curriculum on modern agricultural and food processing techniques. L.A. County also has a number of culinary schools that have programs training the next “Top Chef.”