Make the Right Business Decisions

Our partnership is all about introducing you to the people and resources who can help you turn your business into the dream you always had for it.

We work directly with you to develop creative solutions to the challenges you face. We listen, observe and research all the possibilities, so that you don’t have to settle for cookie-cutter solutions, but receive thoughtful, in-depth advice from experts that is relevant to you and your specific challenges.

Get the Research Your Company Needs

The LAEDC is known for accurate, independent economic research. This ibrary of information and insights is at your disposal when you partner with us. We’ll help you identify key trends and point out how to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise. We can also delve into the details of your company when necessary and come up with options that fit your circumstances.

 LAEDC’s economists research:
  • Economic impact studies
  • Regional industry studies
  • Economic forecasts
  • Policy studies for private clients and public agencies

Clients of its traditional consulting services include government agencies, cities, educational institutions and private-sector firms.

For more information on consulting services and to gain access to recent studies, please click here to contact LAEDC’s Institute for Applied Economics.

Plan Your Future in Business

Every successful business needs a plan. It is an essential tool, whether you’re just starting or working to grow your business. The Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development can provide expert advice to help you overcome strategic management issues and guide you through the process of creating a comprehensive plan for success.

Participate in the city’s Entrepreneur Training Program and any number of other services available at one of LA’s Business Source Centers located throughout the city.

Every business needs guidance. Together, the LAEDC and LA City WIB create a one-stop shop. With their help we lowered our utility costs, expanded our seating and parking while retaining needed employees. I highly recommend any small business to get in touch with them.

Rana Redfield
quote-bottomOwner, LA Tropicana Market