Put the Right People in the Right Places

People come first with us. Over the last five years, the L.A. Workforce Development Board worked with more than 280 businesses, both large and small, and more than 18,000 employees within the city of Los Angeles.

Acting as an extension of your human resources group, we can help you locate the resources you need:

  • Pre-screen candidates
  • Perform skills assessments
  • Prepare initial background checks.
  • Coordinate your efforts to enhance worker skills
  • Job retraining programs
  • Career counseling

We can put you in touch with a wide number of training programs, like the On the Job Training or the Transitional Subsidized Employment programs, just two of many custom-tailored to your specific needs.

LAEDC’s Business Assistance team helps find solutions and provide alternatives to layoffs. This successful and critically important “Layoff Aversion” work has helped thousands of businesses to remain and succeed in our region.

Find the Best Talent 

LAEDC’s Business Assistance team stands ready to help you identify the people who can take your company to the next level. We can refer you to professionals who will assist as you pre-screen candidates, perform skill assessments and background checks, and find the best candidates to fill vital positions in your business.

Ask your Business Assistance consultant to put you in touch with a workforce specialists or visit www.caljobs.ca.gov for more information.

Build the Right Workforce

The City of Los Angeles has WorkSource Centers and YouthSource employment offices to help you and your business meet its workforce requirements. These one-stop service centers provide a common point of contact for potential workers and employers at a number of locations throughout the city.

At the same time, your consultant can show you how to learn more about the City of Los Angeles’ Back2Work programs for training, retraining and job placement.

Tell us what you need — we will build a customized, cost-effective solution for you.

Dealing with Layoffs & Retaining Your Valuable Human Assets

It takes more than a regular paycheck to retain your most valuable employees. As both business and the lives of our employees become more complex, it isn’t always just the numbers they can calculate that motivate people to sometimes think of leaving good jobs.

It’s simple: Reducing turnover and increasing job satisfaction improve productivity. Let our consultants help you develop programs and policies that make job satisfaction among your highest workforce priorities.

And, in those situations where cutbacks must be made, we can also help you find resources intended to keep morale up and tensions down.

Our Rapid Response Team specializes in helping distressed companies develop viable plans when cutbacks are required.

How We Can Help:

  • Evaluate early retirement options
  • Explore job sharing opportunities
  • Help develop separation plans
  • Assist displaced employees with
    – Placement services
    – New skills development
    – Career counseling
    – Ongoing resources

Call 888-4-LAEDC-1 for immediate assistance.

When a tenant ran into code violations, the LAEDC and LA WIB went to work for us, walking us through Building and Safety and getting us the help we needed. Not only did this prevent a shutdown of a 42 artist firm, it also kept their nonprofit open, allowing inner city kids to learn about art and design.

Ben Dalby, CEO
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