Support LAEDC’s non-profit mission:

  • Learn more about LAEDC’s public benefit mission
  • Strategic Plan for Economic Development:  The 2016-2020 Strategic Plan process is underway, and will align many diverse stakeholders and stewards of our region around specific goals and implementation plans.  It is a huge undertaking and your assistance will help us acheive progress!  Learn more.
  • Sponsor programs:  LAEDC’s meaningful, impactful work requires funding, as we study key issues, develop strategic plans, and implement and staff programs and initiatives.  Programs like Layoff Aversion (saving jobs) are sometimes funded by cities or the county, however it is a large region and additional resources change lives for the residents, families, and communities we serve.
  • Sponsor Research:  Philanthropic organizations such as JPMorganChase and Morgan Family Foundation, and many other entities including SCAG sponsor research that sets a foundation for economic development and richer understanding of jobs-creation in our region.  Learn more.
  • Annual report:  Our annual report provides a look at current progress and goals
  • Events:  Sponsor the information we deliver at our Forecast and international trade events, or support our overall operations by sponsoring and attending our Eddy Awards annual fundraiser dinner.
  • Job Creation:  LAEDC has created or retained 200,000 jobs in LA County, and that requires resources and funding, often via contracts.  Learn how you can help us with job-creation.
  • Become a member:  Members support a significant portion of LAEDC’s operating expenses. Learn more.