New in 2016:  REDTalks hosted by LAEDC

REDTalks: Insight from L.A.’s Innovators & Entrepreneurs

Engage at REDTalks with the innovators who are charting the global economy’s future right here in Los Angeles.

What do the brightest entrepreneurs in L.A. County’s future know that you don’t know – yet? REDTalks is a series of three in-depth discussions with the change agents and innovators who are creating new paradigms and breaking new ground in everything from space travel to retailing and from entertainment and media to health care.  Many of the thought leaders now taking the lead in the new global economy have well-established roots right here in L.A. County.  This diverse group of influencers will share their visions for Regional Economic Development (RED) and the role the business community can play in securing a sound future as one of the world’s most vital economic powerhouses.

For more information and to explore sponsorship opportunities, contact Rick Moelis at LAEDC, at 213-236-4812  [email protected]

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