The LAEDC is focused on a public-benefit mission, but we are a 501c3 private corporation, funded through the generosity of our members, foundations, grants for specific programs, and via contracts with the County and City of L.A. While we are grateful that this funding is available to help us achieve our mission, the scope of our work is daunting in a County of 10 million people and we are always looking for partners who will support our operating budget, strengthen our resources to protect jobs of our hard-working residents, attract new businesses and jobs, and provide strategic guidance so that we can work to grow our economy in ways that make sense for sustained future prosperity.

At the very heart of our mission is the understanding that the jobs we create make a difference for individual families, communities, and our interwoven futures as Angelinos. Many studies link structural joblessness with low educational attainment, domestic strife, and poor health. At LAEDC, we see this as a call to action. Your funding helps LAEDC and all of our staff deliver on this most simple of human needs: a good job.

Please contact Melissa Kham, VP of Strategic Relations to discuss opportunities for your funding to make a difference.


[email protected]