Southern California Edison Resources

Economic Development Assistance – Southern California Edison (SCE) Economic Development Advisors provide one-on-one, specialized consulting service at no cost to you. After assessing your unique business issues, they will propose a package of available incentives, tools and programs to reduce you operating costs and help make your business more competitive. You will also find great resources on their website including the Power Site Search tool, Economic Impact Analysis tool and more.

Top Services Provided for Your Business:

  • Economic Development Rate program for business attraction, retention, and expansion
  • Local, County & State Tax and Tax Incentive Information and Assistance
  • State and Federal Tax Credit Availability and Applicability
  • Customized Training Programs
  • Business Advocacy Permit and Regulatory Approval Assistance from Local, County and State Agencies
  • Site Selection Assistance
  • Lean Manufacturing Guidance
  • Access to Capital, Financial Programs and Incentives
  • Utility Users Tax Assistance

Resources and Programs for Small Business – Looking for ways to cut costs and be more efficient? Discover helpful tips, resources, and case studies relevant to your type of business.

Financial Assistance – SCE has shifted their focus to transitioning their customers onto long-term assistance programs. Our commitment to our customers will never change and we’re here to help you find the right financial support program for your household. SCE offers long-term assistance to customers in need of financial assistance on energy costs.